Welcome to Sri Satya Sai University of Technology & Medical Sciences the Premier University in Madhya Pradesh.

Sri Satya Sai University of Technology & Medical Sciences

With reference to the decision of the sponsoring body of SSSUTMS Sehore to take over the management of all constituent Colleges of SSSGOI as constituent University Institutes of the SSSUTMS, Sehore.


The following are University Institutes -


1. School of Engineering 

2. School of Computer Application

3. School of Management Studies

4. College of Pharmacy 

5. School of Pharmacy 

6. Polytechnic (Pharmacy) 

7. School of Education 

8. School of Teachers Education 

9. School of Physical Education 

10. School of Hotel Management 

11. University Teaching Department (UTD)

12. School of Paramedical Studies

13. School of Agriculture

14. Polytechnic (Engineering)

15. School of Law

16. School of Homoeopathy

17. Faculty of Education


As per approval accorded by Regulatory authorities,  some new Courses/ Institutions are scheduled from comming Academic years, namely  BAMS, B. Sc. (Nursing), B. Arch.,