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 "Patent – from filing to grant”


Objective: The main objective is to impart greater awareness about the issue of Intellectual Property Right (IPR), which has gained a special importance for all the domains of socio-economic development. It aids to understand of patentability criteria in details and viable aspect of the patent.



S. No

Research area

Name of Faculty/Reacharch Scholar


Low cost amorphous silicon solar cell

Dr. Subhasis Bose


Low cost carbon nano tube transparent conducting oxide

Dr. Subhasis Bose


Use of Nano Electronics to make hydrogen sources of energy

Dr.Subhasis Bose


Analysis of friction stirs spot weldments characteristics using tools, materials and shape for similar and dissimilar metals

B. Srinivasulu


A novel method for inshore ship detection in remote sensing image using FFT via Pose estimation

Bhanu Pratap Pulla


Quality aware reliability and cost effective software estimation and optimization

Dr. Neelamadhab Padhy


Critical Analysis and Performance evaluation of C.I.  Using Bio Diesel

Jayant Sudhakar Gitay


Magnesium monitoring in banana crop using contactable wireless sensor network

Lina Dinkar Desai


An Automated Digital Internet of Things Based Insulin Injecting Pen with dual Cartridge

Medida Jayapal