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Solar Power Plant


On Wednesday November 27 Solar power plant established by Sri Satya Sai University of Technology and Medical Sciences A solar photovoltaic power plant of grid connected type is designed for captive generation and consumption of electrical power from sunlight during daylight hours, for use in our SSSUTMS Sehore, so as to reduce the electricity consumption from the very costly main grid supply. The capacity of power plant is chosen as 90% of the sanctioned connected load of 125 Kva, for maximum allowed saving of electricity from grid. The complete photovoltaic power plant has two sub-plants of 83.3 Kva-peak rating.




The solar inverters are of string type, which work in synchronization with the main grid supply of three phases AC, and convert DC power from the arrays of Solar PV Modules to three phase AC power. The plant consists of 254 PV modules of 325 Watt-peak rating, connected in strings of  20 modules in series with 7 strings in parallel other one connected in strings of  19 modules in series with 6 strings in parallel . The voltage, current and power capacity of the solar inverters is chosen, keeping in view the variations of voltage, current and power output of the PV modules with the ambient air temperature and the temperature of solar PV cells in the modules.